Infinite Reality Goes to SXSW March 10-15

Infinite Reality and Stagwell Inc. explore the ways that fandom, technology and consumers are converging in immersive experiences that bring them closer to the sports, entertainment, music and games they love.

We will talk with leading marketers, thought leaders, researchers and creators about how these new experiences are changing the way community, commerce and connection come to life for audiences and brands through the technology companies that power and empower them.

Infinite Reality SXSW Schedule

Thought Leadership Podcasts
The Ultimate Fan Experience
How Trust Impacts Fandom
Fandom, Music, and the Metaverse
Inclusivity in Fandom and the Metaverse

Talent in the Metaverse
Creator Economy in the Metaverse

Thought Leadership Video Interviews
The Ultimate Fan Experience
Fandom, Music, and the Metaverse
Inclusivity in Fandom and the Metaverse
Talent in the Metaverse: What’s Next in Connection, Community and Commerce
Creator Economy: The Future of User-Generated Content and Creators in the Metaverse

SXSW Contacts
Hope Frank
, Chief Marketing Officer, Infinite Reality,
Shannon Pruitt, Global Chief Content & Partnership Innovation Officer, Stagwell Brand Performance Network,

SXSW Media Contact

Recent Press


Infinite Reality (iR) is the exclusive Metaverse partner of Warner Bros Discovery Sports. We power brands that have audiences. We build fan experiences that turn audiences into users.  An iR powered digital experience enables broadcasters, brands and creators to fully control the way in which they distribute content, engage audiences, commercialize their creations, and communicate with their communities. We develop world-class cinematic experiences that redefine the possibilities in connected digital environments.

Stagwell Inc. is a digital-first global marketing network that delivers scalable, seamless solutions through a unique combination of culture-moving creativity and leading-edge technology. We believe the marketplace demands new kinds of marketing companies that combine in-depth data, insightful analytics and a complete understanding of the digital landscape. Our global network of forward-thinking agencies empowers us to think bigger, adapt faster, and provide greater value for the world’s most ambitious brands.

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