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Our full-service creative team can handle all forms of a brand's needs. With access to the most innovative tool sets, biggest influencers, prestigious events, and years of content experience, the highest quality outcomes are never out of reach.

Infinite Reality can help you authentically activate and engage with your audience through open Metaverse experiences, high-quality content, and unmatched speed and professionalism. Through Metaverse creation, on-site video shoots, social media management, talent and influencer relations, and more, Infinite Reality will create an experience that resonates with your audience. Our team at Infinite Reality is responsible for various projects including the Infinite Playa, State Farm’s

Assist of the Week, Cyberwurld, and Norton 360 for Gamers’ Gaming Tips. Additionally, we handle projects for Warner Bros’ Discovery’s UCI Track Champions League, the Speedway Grand Prix, and FuelsEurope. Our team has managed larger activations for major industry events, high-profile showcases, and tournaments with the hottest names in gaming, with clients including E3, Activision Blizzard, ESPN, Twitch, Facebook, FuelsEurope, Warner Bros Discovery and more.

UCI TrackChampionsLeague-Verse

In 2022, Warner Bros. Discovery Sports and iR announced a four year, exclusive, Metaverse partnership. The first collaboration showcased the 2nd season of the UCI Track Champions League, providing enthusiasts with “The Ultimate Fan Experience”. Deployed in 3 months, the experience featured live streams, archival content, live data visualization, and video/audio chat functions, and set a new standard for sports engagement.

FIM Speedway Grand Prix-Verse

In the Fall of 2023, as part of FIM Speedway’s 100th anniversary celebration, and Infinite Reality’s partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe, iR unveiled a preview of its new immersive Speedway environment. Featuring virtual skyboxes, meet and greets, virtual lounge areas and live race data, the FIM Speedway Metaverse experience is the world’s first, fully interactive speedway metaverse experience.


In the Summer of 2023, iR announced a partnership with Vodafone Digital Asset Broker (DAB) to develop and unveil a remarkable Metaverse Showroom experience at London Tech Week. The collaborative project from the innovative, forward-thinking companies resulted in an unparalleled digital experience that captivated attendees and highlighted the future of sales and customer engagement.

FuelsEurope Metaverse Experience

FuelsEurope, with the support of Infinite Reality, a Metaverse entertainment and innovation company, launched at the Grand Prix de Pau 2022 the first Metaverse experience in the EU Brussels bubble to present the low-carbon liquid fuels, at the centre of its Clean Fuels for All strategy. This initial Metaverse experience will connect with a broader Metaverse project, titled JUMP, focused on sustainability in the EU.

Experience The Infinite Playa

In 2020, Burning Man was cancelled in the face of the pandemic leaving fans wondering where to go to be inspired. In response, Infinite Reality created a world that provided users with the simulated experience of going “home” without actually leaving their homes. The Infinite Playa is an official Universe of the Burning Man Multiverse.


CYBERWURLD launched with one of the biggest global party of 2020. Attendees stepped into a virtual world presented by Infinite Reality for a once in a lifetime concert experience with Playboi Carti, , Sada Baby, Jasiah, Popp Hunna, ilyTommy, Lil Eazzyy, BKTHERULA, Sparoh, and Ken Car. Through innovative production and technology, the festival carried the energy of a live event into an otherworldly Metaverse setting.

Our Role

The Assemblage needed to have more attention for their cause, creating a coworking /cohabitating community space to bring together those who believe in doing well by doing good. Their true aim to generate knowledge and expand the realm of possibilities and transformation of self and to allow people to take the time to find a higher purpose in their lives.


Fearless assisted with building the awareness of their brand all the while pushing attention toward their unique personal growth tool and their intentions to find and do good for those around them. By implementing the game we were able to send out messages and invite those who were interested in the advancement of their own journey could get in contact with The Assemblage.


Our original launch was a huge success. This has become an ongoing and evolutionary campaign that we expect to expand and are excited to be a part of.

Our Role

To promote the launch of Fallout 4, Fearless created a fully branded on-air segment of Clueless Gamer with a first-ever branded cold open on TBS’s Conan. Conan, outfitted in a Vault Suit, played the Fallout 4 game during an eight (8) minute long segment which aired on TBS. Directly following the on-air segment, the episode cut to commercial, where the Fallout 4 :30 second spot reinforced the launch of the game and drove viewers to purchase in-store or online.


The on-air segment, coupled with a massive social media push resulted in tons of press, both inside and outside of the gaming world. The segment now lives on, YouTube, and Facebook where combined with linear TV exposure it amassed over 15MM views to date. The content continues to gain views, comments, likes, shares, and plenty of buzz.


The Conan integration, in tandem with a fully integrated cross-channel campaign, helped the launch of Fallout 4 break all kinds of records including the shipment of 12 million copies on launch day alone, the equivalent of $750M in sales, as well as a nomination as finalists for the Creative Media Awards.

Our Role

Finding the right partner is critical, so when Id Software was looking for a way to promote their new game, Rage, we went hunting for the perfect platform. That search led us to the award-winning TV show, Breaking Bad, which we identified as a great match with Rage’s target audience and offered incredible long-term reach.


We worked our magic and arranged for Rage to be written into the script and be displayed in three episodes, including this full-length scene where Aaron Paul plays the game while hallucinating.


The deep integration into the show ensured maximum exposure and engagement at the time. And, even better, it ensures the campaign will live forever inside of the TV show and continue to perform as new viewers discover or rewatch the show on broadcast, DVDs, or online.

Our Role

The familiar RED KIOSK outside of supermarkets and convenience stores around the United States is most popularly known for providing movie rentals, but in 2017 expanded into gaming to compete with top retailers such as GameSpot and GameFly. To boost brand awareness and differentiate the new division, Redbox Games tasked Fearless Media with building an influencer marketing strategy surrounding the Hotel Transylvania 3, SONY movie release at minimal cost that reached both the casual gamer and families in addition to promoting Redbox Games as a new way to get your gaming content.


Fearless Media worked with the YouTube influencer family “We are the Davises”. Knowing that the family’s opinion was highly valued amongst their 2.2M+ followers, we first worked closely with them to develop storylines that incorporated their channel’s tried and true best practices and branded callouts to consistently keep Redbox Games top of mind. The launch of the program included a behind the scenes look at the Hotel Transylvania 3 premiere in Los Angeles, giveaways, contests and much more.


Overall, the campaign reached over 11M users far exceeding expectations and KPIs. Integrating social, storylines, partners and tight benchmarks resulted in a huge success for Redbox, and the Redbox customer. It’s not just about choosing influencers, it’s about how the program makes your customer feel and interact with the brand!

Our Role

Epic Games – a successful and world-renowned indie gaming publisher tasked Fearless with launching a new “Free to Play” IP surrounding E3 2017. As we knew this was a highly competitive launch window in gaming, we developed a campaign that rose above the clutter by strategically leveraging key announcements and unique creative executions to break through the clutter.


A digitally focused campaign was developed leveraging high impact executions to cast a wide net, paired with hyper audience targeting to drive sales among qualified users. The campaign reached a combined 150M users across key endemic sites, including takeovers, custom editorials, and rotational media across male gaming sites.


Fortnite shattered its initial one-month sales goals by 20x the original estimates. Over 10M users have adopted Battle Royale reaching its peak concurrent user base of 500K+ players and over 50% of all users driven to the brand page downloaded the PvP update. To keep the momentum going post-launch, regular weekly takeovers were maximized on PC and PlayStation channels, based on the highest performing platforms. As of August 2018, the total worldwide player base has reached 125M+.

Royal Ruckus Logo

The Call of Duty: Warzone Royal Ruckus

A 150-person charity tournament we hosted alongside Activision Blizzard in June 2020. The event raised $100,000 for the Equal Justice Initiative and achieved an average of 6K concurrent viewers on the official Call of Duty Twitch Channel over two days.

  • 79K Hours of streaming competition watched
  • 6K CCV average concurrent viewers
  • 10K CCV peak concurrent viewers
  • 171K Total Viewers across two days of programming on the Call of Duty Twitch channel
  • 335K CCV peak viewers across all channels airing the tournament, including players and the main channel
  • 30 Minutes average watch time across two days of programming on the Call of Duty Twitch Channel
Play Apart Together Logo

Play Apart Together

Our celebrity COVID-19 charity tournament series brought together major NBA players, pro gamers, WWE stars and more to raise $125,000 for the World Health Organization’s relief efforts. We also brought in millions of viewers thanks to our marquee partnerships with Facebook, State Farm, and Alienware.

  • 4.3 Million minutes of streamed gameplay watched by fans across four weeks
  • 62.7 Million Facebook users reached overall
  • 61K CCV peak concurrent viewers
  • 10.9 Million unique viewers tuned into PlayApartTogether over its first month
Valorant Invitational Logo

ESPN Valorant Invitational

Partnering with ESPN, we put on one of the very first professional Valorant competitions stunning performances from star athletes in Overwatch, Rainbow Six, Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends leagues over three days of rich programming.

  • 165K Hours of streaming competition watched
  • 14K CCV peak concurrent viewers on the ESPN Esports Twitch channel
  • 12K Followers added to the ESPN Esports Twitch channel during the invitational
  • 240K Views across three days of programming
Warzone Wednesday Logo

Warzone Wednesday

Our first Call of Duty: Warzone tournament program was the leading Warzone stream on all of Twitch week in and week out over its two month run. With participation from global stars like Ninja, Yachty, Steve Aoki, and myriad other pop culture icons, the program was a showcase for what we could achieve with our digital programs.

  • 40K CCV average concurrent viewers
  • 75K CCV peak concurrent viewers
  • 500K average unique weekly viewers
  • 8.6 Million total branded stream views
Assetto Corsa Logo

Assetto Corsa Virtual Preview Event

When every major gaming convention closed up shop, we immediately started approaching game publishers and developers about creating custom digital programming to make their announcements. Our first virtual event, hosted with 505 Games for its racing game Assetto Corsa, aired in early June. Events with Kabam, Disney, Marvel and others will follow across Summer 2020.

  • 9K+ Hours of total streaming video watched by virtual attendees
  • 10.7K CCV peak concurrent viewers on 505’s Twitch channel
  • 7K CCV AVG concurrent viewers across presentation
  • 43K Unique Viewers on 505’s Twitch channel alone
  • 62 Press Outlets joined the developer Q&A, eclipsing our target of 40 media attendees
Hyperx Showdown Logo

HyperX Showdown

Our intimate summer gaming series pitting major personalities against each other in the biggest games debuted on the HyperX Twitch channel on June 16, where it was met by a huge, highly-engaged audience.

  • 13K CCV average concurrent viewers on HyperX’s Twitch channel
  • 174K total live views in week one
  • 32K hours of streaming viewed by Twitch fans
  • 86K Unique Viewers tuned into HyperX Showdown in its first week
  • 18K CCV peak concurrent viewers tuned into the event on HyperX’s Twitch channel