NORWALK, Conn., March 11, 2024 — Infinite Reality (“iR”), the global leader in immersive experiences, announced today that it has soft launched its no-code platform, Infinite Reality Engine (“iR Engine”), during an invite-only preview at the South by Southwest® (SXSW) conference beginning March 10 through March 13, 2024. To join the waitlist for the private preview please visit

Following on from the February 2024 acquisition of Ethereal Engine, iR has developed iR Engine, a cutting-edge spatial web platform that empowers creators and brands, regardless of technical ability, to build immersive web experiences with ease.

Leveraging the power of Ethereal Engine’s existing open-core technology, this no-code solution is optimized for unparalleled, device-agnostic, immersive and enterprise-scale commercial experiences through a web browser rather than a downloaded client, allowing users to “build experiences once and run them everywhere.”

iR Engine enables seamless creation of immersive experiences directly through a web browser, eliminating the need for downloaded clients. The platform’s end-to-end frameworks power scalable multiplayer interactions, complete with voice, video, expressive avatars and a dedicated visual editor. iR will be presenting iR Engine, along with legacy products, at Booth 627 at the Creative Industries Expo.

John Acunto, CEO of Infinite Reality, commented, “It has been a pleasure welcoming and integrating the Ethereal Engine team over the past few weeks and we are thrilled to announce this exciting milestone for our combined companies. SXSW provides an unmatched opportunity for us to introduce this technology and we are delighted by the overwhelming interest we have been receiving during the private preview. Our new iR Engine platform is truly a unique offering in the marketplace today and we firmly believe it will provide a leading enterprise solution for our clients and customers across industries. We are looking forward to the wider launch in a couple of months.”

Liam Broza, CTO of Infinite Reality, commented, “iR Engine, formerly Ethereal Engine, was driven by a vision of the immense potential of the spatial web. Four years ago, recognizing a significant gap in the market for tools that democratize the creation of 3D content on the web, we embarked on this journey. It has been a long road, but we have now reached a pivotal moment where our dream has become a reality.”

About Infinite Reality, Inc.
Infinite Reality (iR) helps clients with audiences develop immersive experiences that convert those audiences into users. An iR powered virtual experience enables brands and creators to fully control the ways in which they commercialize their creations, distribute content, and communicate with their communities. With deep expertise in Hollywood production, iR develops world-class products and experiences that upend traditional, passive one-way viewership of events and static online retail transactions while shaping the future of audience engagement, brand loyalty, and fan commitment. The Services and Advisory teams manage, design, and oversee custom builds, leveraging the Technology team’s platform development expertise. Infinite Reality’s products are hardware agnostic, do not require any special equipment, and can be viewed and experienced on laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet, and Smart TV. iR Studios, one of the largest independent production studios in the country, works collaboratively with iR’s expert Innovation team to develop proprietary technology for Metaverse creation and immersive experiences, including live event virtualization and remote collaboration tools, from their 150,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility. Visit

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