Rogue Breaks EU Week 2 Curse at World Championship, Secures Win Against VCS Champions

October 15, 2022 10:49 AM

Rogue is one step closer to locking in World Championship playoffs.

The LEC champions are undefeated in Group C of the League of Legends World Championship after their first match of the second week of the group stage. In their game against GAM Esports, Rogue broke the momentum gained by the VCS champions and closed the game at their own rhythm. 

Throughout the tournament, Rogue had played at their own pace, drafting late-game scaling champions and keeping their opponents in check until they were strong enough to crush their opponents. And the same strategy was used against GAM today as Rogue drafted many comfort picks into a scaling composition. On the other side, GAM focused on early-to-mid game champions meant to snowball early-game advantages into a win.

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