ReKTUniversity Launches a Global Esports Platform Around Students, Universities and Colleges

November 1, 2016 9:00 AM

The founders of ReKTJobs are launching their all-inclusive collegiate esports portal today, giving universities a functional outlet for esports recruiting and students a way to connect with opportunities, communities, and news about the collegiate esports scene. Students in both high school and college can search for scholarships, club events, internships and jobs in partnership with ReKTJobs.

The increasing popularity of online and competitive games on collegiate campuses is fostering growth into esports programs by universities which are using it as a recruiting tool for scholarships and varsity programs similar to what exists in traditional sports.

“ReKTUniversity (ReKTU) is the nerve center for all things collegiate esports, attracting prolific student gamers with scholarships, and then linking them with peer communities, opportunities, and up-to-date content that reflects our passion for the college esports scene,” said Ryan Griffin, Program Manager at ReKTU.
ReKTUniversity is looking to bridge the gap between the growing number of varsity esports programs and gamers in high school and college searching for opportunity in the industry, as a player, intern, or volunteer. ReKTJobs will continue to provide high school and college students access to internships and jobs, while ReKTU will handle news, varsity recruiting, scholarships and communities.

“College esports isn’t like the pros at all, and creating stories for the players we recruit as well as providing opportunities when they’re in school and when they graduate is the best college esports service we’ve ever heard of. ReKTU is the whole package,” said Andrew Dicksen, Esports Coordinator of Robert Morris University Illinois.

Robert Morris University Illinois is the first U.S. college to offer scholarships for varsity esports, and has racked up multiple victories and high placings in tournaments and events since. Nevertheless, many other universities have jumped into the esports sector including Maryville University, Columbia College, Miami University (Ohio), and Kansas Wesleyan University.

“Kansas Wesleyan Esports is very excited for the opportunity to partner with ReKTU! We love what ReKT as a whole is doing for the Collegiate Esports community in providing players a centralized place to look for all of their collegiate esports scholarship opportunities and post graduate jobs!” said Alex Walsh, Coach at KWU Esports.

ReKTUniversity, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is a series of initiatives designed to connect prolific student gamers and top-notch talent, in and out of game. Students receive explicit access to all things collegiate esports, including scholarship information, direct access to peer communities, opportunities and up-to-date content. College Administrations can now better connect with and reach students in gaming to help launch their programs to the next level.

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