BT Sport's Matt Stagg: The Metaverse is Gaining Momentum in Sports Broadcasting

February 1, 2023 9:20 AM

The metaverse is here to stay and sports broadcasters need to be engaged in the development of this new virtual world, Matt Stagg, mobile and immersive director at BT Sport, has claimed.

We spoke to Stagg about the rise of the metaverse, how it will develop over 2023, and how the increasingly prevalent immersive virtual and augmented reality technologies will go hand in hand with its success.

‘Metaverse’ was the buzzword of 2022, but the general conclusion towards the end of the year was that for sports broadcasting, the ‘reality’ of it was still a long way off. What will 2023 be for the metaverse in this industry?

Whilst it’s difficult to predict the exact trajectory of the metaverse in sports broadcasting in 2023, it is likely that the industry will continue to explore and experiment with the technology. It’s possible that more immersive and interactive experiences will become available, but the full potential of the metaverse in this context may still take time to fully realise.

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