Let's End The Exploitation Of The Creator Economy

Today, almost all social and Metaverse platforms rely on a closed silo model. Operating as walled gardens they accumulate customer data in secret then leverage it for its own revenue and valuation purposes, with almost no direct benefit to the creators or customers.

For creators, the lack of access to their fan's data means they miss opportunities to build and deepen their audience base, broaden their discoverability, and increase revenue.

For brands, it severely limits their online relationships with their customers. As a result, they mark up their products to cover massive media budgets for advertising that frequently alienates and offends their customers. Brands miss opportunities to offer real value to potential customers in the form of community engagement, branded entertainment, and virtual experiences.

The New
Creator Economy

Leading the Open Metaverse Revolution

Infinite reality is committed to an Open Metaverse, working with all creators, platforms and service-providers to create an open, equitable, diverse, and safe Metaverse, recognizing that ecosystems based on openness and fairness historically lead to the greatest collective prosperity.

The Open Metaverse

“...a digital frontier to reshape the human condition.”

- Kevin Flynn


iR builds the tools and provides the services for creating and expanding the open Metaverse and transforming end-user experiences. From Metaverse content to databases, smart contracts, authentication, moderation, creator economy and tools, iR has you covered.

We support creators and brands developing their content and contributions by sharing user data, license, package, and subscription revenue, ad revenue, marketplace revenue, and product, development, and content service revenue. This is the engine that drives the creator economy, flipping the traditional monetization paradigm.

  • Thunder Studios
  • Display Social & Productions
  • Metaverse Activations
  • Production Services
  • Original Syndicated Content
Product Suite
  • Metaverse Creator Tools Division
  • Metaverse Empowerment Group
  • Metaverse Building Tools
  • Social Tools
  • Creator / Consumer Marketplace
  • Rights Management
  • Accesibility
  • Backend Services Team
  • Trust & Safety Management
  • Content Moderation
  • DisplayTV / Trivia
  • Content Creation Tools
  • Social as a Service
  • Communities
  • Continued...


  • Dolby Live Streaming
  • Social Recommendation Engines
  • Learning Center
  • Notifications
  • Messaging
  • Data Report
  • Original Programming
  • Extended Feature Packages
  • Utilities
  • Analytics
  • Audience Builder
  • Ticketing
  • Content Distribution
  • Commerce
  • Hall of Fame

Empowerment Group

Infinite Reality’s Metaverse Empowerment Group is a team of highly-skilled subject matter experts available to consult with companies to design, build and manage compelling custom Metaverse activations.

Drawing on a wealth of talent in Metaverse technologies, experiential design, professional broadcast production, and community development, together with a deep bench of creative resources, this team will align with your ambitions and unlock your company’s potential in the Metaverse.

If you’d like to learn more about creating your own place in the Metaverse, get in touch.


    • Full Production Services

    • Live Broadcast

    • Metaverse Feature Development

    • Metaverse Experience Development

    • Metaverse Custom Tools

    • Technical Production Solutions

    • Remote Broadcast Production

    • Virtual Broadcast Tools / Services

    • Metaverse Community Development

    • Social Platform Management

    • Social Platform Feature Development

    • Administrative Services

Our Team

From Super Bowl-winning stars to Grammy Award-winning artists to accomplished entrepreneurs and tech savants, our team has a wealth of experience and a history of successful execution. Our leadership team has over 20 years of direct experience in the space, and every single one of us is committed to empowering the open Metaverse.

What’s Your Revolution?

iR is fostering a revolution of data and commerce, of authenticity and transparency, that makes each brand, creator, fan, and consumer the master of their own internet experience, of their own data, of the ways in which they distribute content or sell products, and the way in which they interact with each other and their fans or customer base.



We believe there’s a better way. Do you? Great! Whether you’re a creator, company or a brand — or maybe something in between — we look forward to collaborating with you! Get in touch, and let’s start the conversation.

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